Alex Feldman's Home Page

I live in a nice house, well, at least I like it, that I had built in 1996-1997. The two signature features are the bathroom floor and carved staircase

I enjoy hiking, especially climbing peaks in Idaho, where I live. Here is a page with links to pictures taken on some hikes I have done.

I also like to run on trails around Boise with my dog. Many of these trails are part of the Ridge to Rivers system of trails. I've measured the distances on some of these trails, and put them here.

Landscapes are relatively easy to photograph - they stay put, and they are outside, where the light is often good. The hard part is transporting the equipment, and sometimes waiting for good light. The same cannot be said for sports photography, which I have adopted as a new challenge. So far I have limited myself to Boise State University sports.

I also have some construction pictures

I have worked on two different deployments as a PACE instructor, on the USS John Paul Jones and the USS Carl Vinson. Click on the links for pictures - and don't worry about the Navy College link - your browser might warn you about it, but it's a legitimate web site.

I also manage a website at Boise State, the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Here is a draft of a gentle introduction to encryption and digital signatures that I am writing. I would appreciate some feedback to help make it better.

qrcode And this is my OpenSSL root security certificate, and my personal certificate that I have signed with the root certificate. Separately, this is my ascii-armored GPG public key, which I use for signed email, and I would probably use if I wanted to encrypt email. I use it with Enigmail.

To the right is the QR Code for this site.

A link describing how to free your dog from a conibear trap

Lauren O'Malley's metalwork site

My email address is alex at the domain for this page