Distances in the Ridge to Rivers Trail System (Boise, ID)

Here are some distances I have measured with a one meter wheel on the Ridge to Rivers trail system just outside of Boise, Idaho. I have included a very rough map of the portion of the trail system where I have taken measurements along with indications of the junctions I have used to make the measurements.

A-B East Shane TH to East Shane .43
B-C East Shane to Lower 3 Bears .84
C-D Lower 3 Bears to Upper 3 Bears 1.85
C-J Lower 3 Bears to West Shane .52
D-E Upper 3 Bears to Curlew East .65
E-F Curlew East to Upper Freestone Ridge 1.65
F-I Upper Freestone Ridge to Lower Freestone Ridge 2.0
I-O Lower Freestone Ridge to 3 Bears West .49
O-J 3 Bears West to Shane West .35
J-K Shane West to Shane-Central Ridge .44
K-B Shane-Central Ridge to Shane East .97
I-L Lower Freestone Ridge to Gun Club .62
L-M Gun Club to Central Ridge Spur .11
M-N Central Ridge Spur to Buck West .09
N-K Buck West to Shane-Central Ridge 1.28
Annotated Trail Map